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new garage door cache valley utah

Garage doors speak volumes. First impressions are quickly made, and as your garage door is the first part of your home many people see, it’s important to make sure that your garage door positively represents your residential or commercial property. If you’re looking for a commercial garage door installation provider or are thinking of getting a new garage door for your home, consider using Golden Garage Door. We provide high-quality garage door installation and replacement services for both commercial and residential properties in Logan, UT, and the Cache Valley area. If you’re looking to add some value to your home, need new parts, or simply need a new garage door, contact our experienced garage door installation team today. We’ll be happy to help!

Trusted Garage Door Installation & Replacement

Your garage door has many working parts and pieces that may need to be replaced or installed over the years. Since you use your garage door daily and probably keep valuable possessions in there, it’s important to make sure it functions properly as a safety factor. Some of the more common garage door installations and replacements we offer for your home or business include:

  • Garage doors: The most essential part to a garage is the door itself. Golden Garage Doors offers quick, professional, and beautiful garage door installation or replacement services in and around Logan, UT. Whether you’re adding a new garage onto your home or you need to replace a garage door that is worse for wear, we can handle it. We can quickly perform a garage door installation onto a new garage. We can also complete a garage door replacement, where we fit a new garage door into existing tracks and openers.
  • Garage door springs: The springs in your garage door system make the door easier to lift by hand or with the electric opener system. Over time, the torsion or extension springs can wear down or snap, making it harder to open the door and putting unnecessary strain on your electric system. We can easily replace or install these springs, making sure they are durable and work well with your garage door.
  • Garage door tracks: With normal use, garage door tracks can bend or warp, causing problems such as your door not opening all the way. Sometimes this can even be caused by any faulty tracks that were originally installed. Golden Garage Doors has a team dedicated to great service, and we can quickly replace or install high-quality garage door tracks, letting your life—and your door—run smoothly again.

We also provide overhead door installations, as well as other customized services. For more detailed information, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide an estimate and get you a new or replaced garage door in no time. Just call us at 435-740-1346!

Golden Garage Doors offers gold-standard service. Contact us today!